Crystal Endeavor

Curated Expeditions on a Polar Class Luxury Yacht

Crystal Endeavor is a spacious purpose-built polar class expedition yacht, accommodating a mere 200 guests and boasting luxurious amenities and special touches for which Crystal Cruises is known.

With a sleek design built to PC6 polar class specifications, Crystal Endeavor can explore the farthest reaches of the Earth, from the Arctic to the Antarctic. Featuring the latest technological advancements, including offshore dynamic positioning capabilities, Crystal Endeavor offers both comfort and safety while exploring the icy waters in the Polar Regions as well as locations across the globe.

Generous public spaces, world-class dining, and amenities for adventurous and enriching pursuits are the focus of Crystal's first expedition yacht. The yacht features a full-service spa and salon, six restaurants including Nobu Matsuhisa’s Umi Uma, and expedition rooms.

Crystal Endeavor’s accommodations are the most spacious suites in expedition cruising, featuring private verandahs and butler service for every suite.

Northern EuropeShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN210717-10 / 10 Night Luxury Iceland ExpeditionCrystal Endeavor7/17/2021$15,499
YEN210727-10 / 10 Night Luxury Iceland ExpeditionCrystal Endeavor7/27/2021$15,999
YEN210806-10 / 10 Night Luxury Iceland ExpeditionCrystal Endeavor8/6/2021$16,499
YEN210816-10 / 10 Night Luxury Iceland ExpeditionCrystal Endeavor8/16/2021$14,499
YEN210826-10 / 10 Night Luxury Iceland ExpeditionCrystal Endeavor8/26/2021$16,499
YEN210915-13 / 13 Night Norwegian Fjords & Scottish Isles Exploration Crystal Endeavor9/15/2021$15,649$600
YEN210928-11 / 11 Night Breton, Bordeaux & Beyond Crystal Endeavor9/28/2021$12,149$600
Trans-Ocean CrossingsShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN211009-18 / 18 Night Expedition Atlantic Isles Crystal Endeavor10/9/2021$14,399$600
South AmericaShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN211027-10 / 10 Night Exploration in Brazil & Argentina Crystal Endeavor10/27/2021$8,549$600
YEN211106-12 / 12 Night Expedition to Argentina & the Falklands Crystal Endeavor11/6/2021$9,449$600
YEN211118-11 / 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Crystal Endeavor11/18/2021$14,349$600
YEN211129-11 / 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Crystal Endeavor11/29/2021$15,749$600
YEN211210-11 / 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Crystal Endeavor12/10/2021$13,899$600
YEN211221-15 / 15 Night Antarctic Holiday Expedition Crystal Endeavor12/21/2021$22,049$600
AntarcticaShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN220105-11 / 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Crystal Endeavor1/5/2022$16,249$600
YEN220116-19 / 19 Night Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Wildlife Expedition Crystal Endeavor1/16/2022$28,899$600
YEN220204-11 / 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Crystal Endeavor2/4/2022$15,999$600
YEN220215-14 / 14 Night Beyond The Antarctic Circle Crystal Endeavor2/15/2022$21,299$600
AfricaShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN220301-19 / 19 Night Falkland Islands & South Georgia to South Africa Crystal Endeavor3/1/2022$14,199$600
YEN220320-16 / 16 Night Expedition Africa: South Africa to Gold CoastCrystal Endeavor3/20/2022$13,799
YEN220405-11 / 11 Night Expedition Africa: Wildlife & Cultural DiscoveryCrystal Endeavor4/5/2022$9,199
YEN220416-13 / 13 Night Expedition Africa: Henry The Navigator & The Age of Discovery Crystal Endeavor4/16/2022$10,599$600
Northern EuropeShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN220429-14 / 14 Night River Discovery: The Heart of Seville & Bordeaux Crystal Endeavor4/29/2022$13,299$600
YEN220513-12 / 12 Night Along the Rivers to Nantes, Amsterdam & LondonCrystal Endeavor5/13/2022$11,499
YEN220525-14 / 14 Night Exploration: Springtime in the British Isles Crystal Endeavor5/25/2022$13,599$600
YEN220608-14 / 14 Night Norwegian Fjords & Arctic Svalbard Expedition Crystal Endeavor6/8/2022$18,999$600
AntarcticaShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN220622-11 / 11 Night Expedition Svalbard: In Search of Polar Bears Crystal Endeavor6/22/2022$16,749$600
YEN220703-11 / 11 Night Expedition Svalbard: In Search of Polar Bears Crystal Endeavor7/3/2022$16,749$600
YEN220714-14 / 14 Night Arctic Expedition: Svalbard, Greenland Sea & Iceland Crystal Endeavor7/14/2022$21,299$600
YEN220728-10 / 10 Night Expedition Iceland Crystal Endeavor7/28/2022$15,249$600
YEN220807-10 / 10 Night Expedition Iceland Crystal Endeavor8/7/2022$14,999$600
YEN220817-16 / 16 Night Expedition Greenland: Fabled Fjords & Glaciers Crystal Endeavor8/17/2022$24,299$600
YEN220902-14 / 14 Night High Arctic Expedition: Greenland & Canada Crystal Endeavor9/2/2022$21,599$600
New England & CanadaShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN220916-14 / 14 Night American East Coast Discovery Crystal Endeavor9/16/2022$10,199$600
Panama CanalShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN220930-09 / 9 Night Boutique Caribbean & Panama Canal Crystal Endeavor9/30/2022$6,899$600
South AmericaShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN221009-10 / 10 Night Expedition: Darien Jungle to Colonial Lima Crystal Endeavor10/9/2022$7,449$600
YEN221019-12 / 12 Night Peru & Chile: Andean Coast Adventure Crystal Endeavor10/19/2022$8,599$600
AntarcticaShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN221031-12 / 12 Night Expedition: Chilean Fjords & Glaciers Crystal Endeavor10/31/2022$10,299$600
YEN221112-11 / 11 Night Antarctic Expedition: In Search of the Emperor Crystal Endeavor11/12/2022$17,499$600
YEN221123-19 / 19 Night Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctic Wildlife Expedition Crystal Endeavor11/23/2022$27,999$600
YEN221212-11 / 11 Night Expedition Antarctica Crystal Endeavor12/12/2022$14,999$600
YEN221223-15 / 15 Night Holiday Expedition: Falkland Islands & Antarctica Crystal Endeavor12/23/2022$22,999$600
YEN230107-11 / 11 Night Expedition AntarcticaCrystal Endeavor1/7/2023$16,749
YEN230118-19 / 19 Night Falklands, South Georgia & Antarctica Wildlife ExpeditionCrystal Endeavor1/18/2023$29,399
Northern EuropeShipDateFare FromSavings
YEN230802-28 / 28 Night Northeast PassageCrystal Endeavor8/2/2023$0
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